Dog Daycare FAQs

What is Dog Daycare? 

Our Dog Day Sitting service is for dog owners wanting their dogs cared for during the day. It’s a place where your dog is dropped off to play and socialise with other dogs in a fun, caring home environment. We aim to make your dog feel safe and loved when you're not home, and we make sure your dog feels at home at our house.

Your dog will join a small playgroup of regular, well socialised dogs who are matched for temperament and play styles. Dogs attend on the same day each week so they're able to develop a rapport and form relationships.


We're not a sleek, large-scale facility. Rather, ours is a home-based service offering a calm, stress-free, safe and supervised environment for dogs.


Why should I bring my dog to Dog Daycare? 

There are many reasons to bring your dog to day sitting such as socialisation, stimulation, space and room to run, exercise, human and canine company while you’re at work, or just a change of scenery… to name a few!

Dogs, like people, get bored with the same routine. A regular walk around the block or a daily visit to the same park may see  enough. However dogs need new experiences.

Our four legged friends are born to sniff, to explore in order to stimulate their brain and to exercise to burn calories. This keeps a dog healthy! 

Your dog may benefit from Doggy Day Sitting if he/she:

  • is developing naughty behaviours such as digging holes, excessive barking, escaping, chewing, destroying bedding or ripping clothes off the line (these can be signs of boredom, separation issues or anxiety)

  • is suffering from separation anxiety / attachment issues

  • needs exercise and/or space (if you have a small yard, or lack the time to give your dog sufficient exercise and attention we can help) 

  • is alone for long hours

  • needs socialisation with other dogs

When your dog joins day sitting, they make some good doggy friends. Dogs that visit regularly often meet new dogs which makes them more sociable, manageable and friendly. Your dog will also be happily tired at the end of the day. Owners often see a difference in their dogs immediately. 

When is Dog Daycare offered?

Doggy Day Sitting is offered from 7.30am to 6pm.

Dogs can be dropped off between 7.30am - 8am, and are to be picked up between 4pm - 6pm. 

If you’re going to be late please advise us ASAP. We don’t charge late fees. 

What will my dog do all day?      

Your dog will be enjoy group playtime and activities, plus one-on-one company, attention and cuddles.

Whether your dog’s favourite thing is to play, watch, explore, sniff, or just chill out, there's a place for them at our Doggy Day Sitting! Your dog can run, play, socialise with playmates, enjoy the sunshine, run in circles, butt-sniff, play chase and wrestle with new friends! 

Our customers all say their dogs love coming to visit and always go home tired and content!


Will you walk my dog?

No. At Doggy Day Sitting, your will be off-leash all day and free to go outside or inside as he/she likes. Because the dogs are playing and socialising off-leash, there is no need for us to walk your dog for exercise.


Will my dog play outdoors?      

Yes. We have a large, fully fenced, clean backyard (with real grass, no artificial turf! and no dog runs or enclosures). It's 100% secure and safe for all our guests.


How do I book my dog in Dog Daycare?

Simply complete the online booking form. We'll send you an email to arrange a trial day/s at Day Sitting. Alternatively, give us a call on 0425 275 648 or send an email to


Are bookings required?

Yes. We only accept a limited number of dogs per day. Bookings are therefore required to reserve a spot.


If you are unable to keep your booking please let us know. Continual non-attendance on booked days may result in loss of booking.

We request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling of days. Please understand that when you forget, cancel, or change your day sitting day without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that place, and clients on our wait list miss the opportunity to access our service.

Do you accept any dog?

No. Not every dog is suited to Dog Daycare. Each dog must first be assessed to see how they interact with our other dog guests.

Admission requirements:

  • Dogs must be at least 4 months old and must be spayed or neutered if they are over 6 months old.

  • We do not accept senior or frail dogs; dogs who are in heat or pregnant dogs.

  • Shelter dogs and/or adopted dogs must have been in their new home for a minimum of 3 months prior to their first day sitting admission.

  • We only accept dogs who are well socialised, friendly to all dogs, generally love to play, and are able to adapt and enjoy an open-play environment.

  • We do not accept aggressive or dominate dogs. Dogs that display unsociable behaviour including any form of aggression towards other dogs or humans, or who bark excessively, will not be accepted.​

We monitor the dogs on every visit. Should a dog who has been accepted begin demonstrating aggressive tendencies or unsuitable behavior, Happy Paws Dog Sitter will separate this dog from the playgroup and request the owner collect the dog. The dog will no longer be permitted to attend Day Sitting.


What are the health and behaviour requirements for Dog Daycare?

The health, safety and wellbeing of all dogs is our number one priority so we do not take any risks.

We are very excited to have your dog come to visit us however we do have a few rules so that everyone has a good time.

For your dog to attend day sitting your pooch must:

  • be 4 months of age or older before commencing day sitting.

  • be desexed (puppies must be desexed by 6 months old)

  • be vaccinated to a level of C5 (proof of desexing and vaccination will be required before a dog is left in care. Updates of vaccinations will also be required).

  • be up to date on flea, tick and worming treatments

  • be in good health (we do not accept dogs that are unhealthy, or who have excessive fleas or a dirty appearance).

  • pass a behavioural assessment / trial day.

Do you accept all breeds?

Yes, all dogs are welcome, however some breeds naturally enjoy day sitting more than others. Owners need to certify that their pet has not harmed or shown aggression toward any person or other animal. If a dog does show aggression he/she may be expelled from Day Sitting.

Happy Paws Dog Sitter welcomes all dogs based on their behaviour, ability to be comfortable and generally social. We do not turn away a dog based on breed.


Is my dog required to undergo an assessment for Day Sitting?

Yes. We have very limited space available in Doggy Day Sitting. We need to assess any dog who is being added to our pack to see if they will be a good match, going forward. Safety is our number one concern!

Prior to a dog’s acceptance into Day Sitting, we ask that you bring your dog for a trial day sitting session prior to being accepted into Day Sitting. An assessment will be undertaken to ensure he/she is suitable for Day Sitting.


This trial session will take place on a Monday or Friday. You are welcome to leave him/her for the full day or at least for a few hours.


This allows us to do an assessment of your dog to check he/she is suited to Day Sitting, group play, the playgroup and the environment, and 

allows your dog to meet us, sniff around and meet some new friends.

Your dog will be slowly introduced into the playgroup and we will evaluate how he/she interacts over the course of a few hours (dogs may react differently as they adjust to a new environment). We ensure that the existing dogs in care respond appropriately to the new dog (our canine guests must be able to co-habituate in a pack). This is done for the safety of your dog and all our dog guests.

You are not required to stay, just leave your dog with us (we provide updates to via SMS).

Happy Paws Dog Sitter reserves the right not to accept a dog that is not comfortable or a good fit for Day Sitting (a dog having a ‘good fit’ is  a dog who is comfortable with other dogs in the playgroup, and who other dogs in the group respond appropriately to). We do not tolerate aggressive behaviour, destructive chewing or excessive barking. If we feel your dog is upsetting the balance of our day sitting then we cannot allow them to attend. 

It's my dog's trial day at Day Sitting. What do I do?

Please drop your dog off by 8am. You are welcome to leave him/her for the whole day or at least for a few hours of assessment. Please bring the completed enrolment form, current vaccination record and proof of desexing.


When you arrive please ensure your dog is brought in on a leash. Please label the leash with your dog’s name.


What do I bring to Daycare each day?

Dogs must have a collar on and be on a lead to and from the entrance. Normal fixed collars with a quick release buckle/clip/clasp are recommended. Collars should have an ID tag with contact details. Please – no choker chains, slip collars or any restrictive type of collar. Leads should be clearly labelled with your dog’s name. Please do not bring toys, treats or bones. We have plenty of treats and toys. You are welcome to bring your dog's brush.

Payment (cash) is required on pick-up each day.


Do you feed my dog during Daycare?      

We feed your dog healthy treats (in moderation!) including dog friendly ice blocks on hot days. If you do not wish for us to give your dog treats, or if your dog has any food allergies, please let us know.


Sometimes my dog is thirsty when he/she comes home. Why is that?      

Water is available at all times. Playing can be strenuous. Even though water is available, after a car ride home it will probably be time for your dog to drink some more water to help re-hydrate after a day of play.

Why is my dog tired when he/she comes home?

This is one of the great benefits of Doggy Day Sitting! Often when you take your dog home, they may curl up and go to sleep. It is very common for them to sleep after they leave. This is from all the stimulation and play!


What if my dog gets sick or hurt while at Daycare?

You will be contacted in the event of an emergency. If we are not able to get a hold of you, we will telephone your emergency contact. Where possible, we will try to use your usual veterinarian. However if your veterinarian is not within close proximity of our premises, we will use a local veterinarian clinic. You will be responsible for all veterinary expenses.


Can you give my dog his/her medications while at Daycare?    

Yes. There is no fee for medication administration. Please bring your dog’s medication in the original packaging with instructions for dosage quantity and frequency.

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