Dog Walking Adventures

Do you have a social dog who loves to run, explore and make new friends?

Does your best friend need a LOT of exercise and excitement?

Forget boring walks around the block!

Let us take your dog on an adventure!

Our group dog walks are the perfect outlet for excess energy!  

  • Numbers are limited to small groups

  • We visit a range of off-leash locations including parks, beaches, creeks and walking trails

  • Your dog will enjoy off-leash play, socialisation, stimulation and the outdoors! 

  • Ideal for those dogs who love to be out and about in adventurous settings. They can run, play, fetch, frolic, chase, play ball, swim, roll, scratch and sniff to their heart’s content!

  • You’ll come home to a happier, healthier and more content pup (less barking and no more shoe chewing!)

  • Go to work guilt free (we’ll send you updates so you know how much fun your best mate is having!)

  • Door to door service: We pick-up and drop-off your dog from your home (just leave out his leash out & harness). If your pup gets smelly, salty, sandy, or all of the above, we'll rinse him off before dropping them home. Upon returning to your home, we’ll do a quick water check.

Group Walk (up to 2 hours*) - $35
Extended Group Adventure Walk (3-4 hours*) -  $55

(*Round trip - includes pick-up & drop-off)  

Bookings required. Dogs must be able to recall. Customers must accept the risks of off lead walking.