Happy Paws Dog Sitter Terms & Conditions

To ensure the health and safety of your dog and of other canine guests, we require that all of our clients comply with the following rules and regulations:


Daycare Days & Hours: 
Dog Daycare ('Daycare') is open weekdays from 7am to 6pm. Dogs must be picked up by 6pm (late fee of $5 per hour applies). Pick-ups after 6pm by arrangement only.  If you’re going to be late please advise us. Daycare is currently offered for dogs that are deemed suitable by Happy Paws Dog Sitter and able to cope with boisterous behaviour.


Vaccination requirements:
All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations. Dogs must be vaccinated to a level of at least C5. Proof of vaccination will be required before a dog can attend Daycare Updates of vaccinations will also be required.


Health requirements: 
All dogs must be in good health. Owners will need to certify that their dog is in good health. If your dog has been ill, ensure you consult with your veterinarian on when your dog is safe to return to Daycare. On admission all dogs must be free from any illness/condition that could potentially be communicated to other dogs.

Dogs that are coughing, or have been coughing repeatedly over the previous 24 hours must not attend Daycare.

Dogs that have fleas must not be brought to Daycare. Owners should maintain an effective flea and worming treatment regime.

Happy Paws Dog Sitter reserves the right to refuse a dog to Daycare if they display signs of a communicable illness or are taking medication for the same. Please understand this is to ensure the general health and welfare of all dogs in our care. Happy Paws Dog Sitter reserves the right to suspend a dog immediately if they deem it necessary to do so.

Please advise if your dog has any allergies, medical concerns, injuries or current medications. 


Breed requirements:

Happy Paws Dog Sitter welcomes all dogs based on their behaviour, ability to be comfortable and generally social, and have not shown any form of aggression towards other dogs or humans. It is not our policy to turn away a dog based on breed. If a dog shows aggression he/she may be expelled from Daycare.


Behaviour requirements:
Owners will need to certify that their dog has not harmed or shown aggression, unsociable behaviour or threatening behaviour towards any persons or other dogs. We will accept your verbal assurance.

Fees are payable on pic-up on the day of each attendance. Weekly payments are also accepted. 



Bookings are essential as we only take a certain number of dogs per day. Bookings are required to reserve a spot on a particular day/s.

If you are unable to keep your booking please let us know. Continual non-attendance on booked days may result in loss of booking. If you need to book in at short notice please contact us.


What to bring: 

Your dog must have a collar and be on a lead at all times to and from the entrance.

Normal fixed collars with a quick release clip / clasp are recommended and should have an ID tag with contact details on it. Please no choker chains, slip collars or any restrictive type of collar.

Leads should be clearly labelled with your dog’s name.

Please do not bring personal items like toys as we cannot guarantee their exclusive use. We have treats and plenty of toys.


Please clearly label medications and include written instruction with your dog’s name, type of medication, dosage and frequency. Please alert us in advance if you know your dog will require medication while in the care of Happy Paws Dog Sitter.

Trial Day:
Prior to a dog’s ongoing acceptance into Daycare, your dog must undergo a trial day to ensure he/she is suitable for the premises’ environment, playgroup and Daycare. This trial day will determine if the new dog responds to group play and will ensure that existing dogs in care will respond appropriately to the new dog. Happy Paws Dog Sitter reserves the right not to accept a dog that is not comfortable or a good fit for Daycare.

A dog having to have a ‘good fit’ with other dogs in the playgroup is defined as a dog who is comfortable with other dogs, and that other dogs in the group will respond appropriately to him.

We do not allow dogs demonstrating aggressive tendencies.

Should a dog who has been accepted, begin demonstrating aggressive tendencies or unsuitable behavior, Happy Paws Dog Sitter will separate this dog from the playgroup and request the owner collect the dog. The dog will no longer be permitted to attend Daycare.

Happy Paws Dog Sitter Waiver & Release of Liability

As the dog owner or guardian or authorised person, by signing this document and leaving the dog in the care of Happy Paws Dog Sitter:

1.    I acknowledge that:     

a.    In admitting my dog(s) into the care of Happy Paws Dog Sitter, Happy Paws Dog Sitter is relying solely on my representations that my dog(s) are in good health and has not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any person, animal or thing.
b.    As the dog owner or guardian, or authorised person, it is my responsibility to inform Happy Paws Dog Sitter of any behavioural issues my dog(s) may have, regardless of whether these issues may impact on the ability to provide care.
c.    Happy Paws Dog Sitter reserves the right to refuse to provide care for a dog if the dog shows aggression towards people or other dogs. Happy Paws Dog Sitter reserves the right to refuse to accept or keep a dog in care if they consider doing so would jeopardise the safety, wellbeing or comfort of the other dogs in care, people or Happy Paws Dog Sitter.
d.    Happy Paws Dog Sitter is an off-leash environment and I accept that there are inherent risks associated with such and environment, including (but not limited to):

i.    Transfer of communicable illness, such as Canine Cough (Kennel Cough), or transfer of fleas, ticks or worms
ii.   Injuries, including broken nails, abrasions, cuts and sore pads, bites (from dogs, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other) and
iii. Behavioural problems
iv. Escape. While Happy Paws Dog Sitter takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the premises is safe and secure so that my dog(s) cannot escape, I accept that my dog(s) may escape from the premises

e.    Although Happy Paws Dog Sitter carefully screens all applicants, occasionally it is discovered that this is not an appropriate environment for every dog. Happy Paws Dog Sitter retains the discretion to temporarily or permanently remove my dog(s) from the premises at any time.
f.    While all care will be taken with my dog(s), in the event of an accident, or illness, or injury or death, I will accept responsibility for such accident or illness or injury or death and will pay all costs incurred by said accident, illness, injury or death, regardless of how the incident occurred.

2.    I agree:

a.    To pay the fees set down by Happy Paws Dog Sitter.

b.    To collect my dog if contacted and asked to do so by Happy Paws Dog Sitter. Discretion and consideration of emergencies will be assessed by Happy Paws Dog Sitter.

c.    That I am solely responsible for any and all harm, injuries or death, loss, damage of any kind received by, incurred by, caused by, or contributed by my dog(s) while in the care of Happy Paws Dog Sitter. This includes any and all harm, injuries or death, loss, damage of any kind to property, other pets and humans.

d.    That in the event my dog should escape from the premises while my dog(s) is in the care or use of service of Happy Paws Dog Sitter, under no circumstances will Happy Paws Dog Sitter be held responsible for any injuries or, death, loss, damage of any kind whatsoever whether or not caused by any negligent, act or omission of Happy Paws Dog Sitter that may occur to any pet in the care or use of service of Happy Paws Dog Sitter. This includes any damage my dog may cause to property, other pets or humans on or off the premises.

e.    That while my dog(s) is in the care of Happy Paws Dog Sitter I give permission for Happy Paws Dog Sitter to seek immediate veterinary care if they deem it necessary, and I agree to cover the cost of such veterinary care. All efforts will be made by Happy Paws Dog Sitter to contact me prior to this action being taken. 

f.    That I am responsible for all costs associated with clause 2(c), clause 2 (d) and clause 2 (e).

g.    To abide by the rules set out in the Waiver & Release of Liability and the Sitter Terms & Conditions, accepting all terms, conditions and statements contained within.

3. I release Happy Paws Dog Sitter, from all liability and indemnify Happy Paws Dog Sitter from any and all claims of every kind and nature whatsoever, arising directly and indirectly, from my dog(s) participation in activities or use of service, including and legal claims and medical expenses.